Henry Brewer

A local pillar of the small town community, bar owner, micro-brewer, and budding politician


Henry “Hank” Brewer

Concept:Bar Owner




Intelligence:2 Strength:3 Presence:2
Wits:2 Dexterity:2 Manipulation:2
Resolve:3 Stamina:3 Composure:2


Mental Physical Social
Academics:1 Athletics:1 Empathy:2
Crafts(Repair):3 Brawl:1 Expression:2
Medicine:1 Drive:2 Persuasion:2
Politics:2 Firearms(archery):3 Socialize:2
Science(brewing):4 Survival:2


Iron Stomach(2)

Toxin Resistance(2)








Initiative Modifier:5



Local boy made good is the best description for Henry Brewer, friends call him Hank and that’s just about everybody. He’s not much of a boy anymore, shown by his receding red hair and more than budding paunch. Still, one can still see the high school star linebacker in his aging frame. His football skills got him a scholarship to a small college, since farming was no longer an option after the bank forclosed on the family wheat farm.

Hank was unheard of for almost a decade. He’ll tell you that he went to school, got a degree in brewing (folks might call it chemistry), got a wife, got a factory job, got fired, got a divorce. Over all, nothing really good happened there.

He returned to town in his early-thirties, buying the local bar before it went under. He even employed the former owner until the old man decided to retire. He built his own micro-brewery in the back. Since the bar is one of the meeting places about town, Hank quickly became a major part of the community. A good listener, and a friendly face helped him along.

Eventually, just talking became wanting to represent his community in politics. He ran in the most recent race against a fellow who he thought was the “corporate” choice. He didn’t lose, he didn’t win, he dropped out of the race right before the vote. He’ll tell you that he didn’t want to live at the capitol, he belongs here, that the brewery is his baby. He’ll smile and that’ll make you want to smile. He’ll pour you a drink and the subject will be dropped.

Henry Brewer

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